I pulled the trigger!

hey all - happy to have you here

Not sure how did most of you end up in this newsletter, but my educated guess would be - you probably saw my LinkedIn post at some point.

That post was “testing the waters”, “validating the idea”, “sanity check” or however else would you like to call it. And it felt like it resonated with many people.

So I pulled the trigger!

Sorted out all that tech fun stuff (podcast hosting, website fine-tuning, etc.), experimented with LinkedIn live streams (hint: LinkedIn algo does not love them AT ALL…), and streamed the Blockchain Meets Marketing launch. I was planning to keep it short - but ended up with almost 40 minutes…

Below are the other 2 episodes that have gone live so far (another 2 are ready are coming soon!)

If you’re wondering Can Marketing Make Your Blockchain Startup Succeed No Matter What? - my thoughts about it are here.

And since most of you are super passionate about the blockchain technology, I thought that I should also speak about What role should blockchain play in your marketing?

Other than all the above - I am sure you have already noticed that it’s been crazy weeks for blockchain with the whole DeFi space moving fast and hyping a LOT. I don’t know about you, but being on the marketing side of things and following everything from the non-tech perspective (communities, founders, scams, etc.) I am having a deja vu from the 2017 ICO boom… And since I had a flashback of those times - I ended up with a new blog post about it (it was even featured on Hackernoon homepage lol).

I have opened up the community feature here - so feel free to initiate discussions or ask questions if you want. You can also reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Hope you don’t mind me sending this over on Sunday - I know I'll be having a really crazy week ahead and wanted to make sure that I start being more disciplined about this initiative.

Have a great weekend and an awesome week ahead.