NFT Rebels birth story

I have been working in the blockchain for 4 years already and got tired of fake influencers, video blockchain project reviews, token shilling, and artificial hype; not to mention the moon and Lambo boys.

Initially, I had a podcast called Crypto Talks where I spoke to people who are doing really awesome things in the blockchain space. Those were completely unscripted conversations with the pioneers, innovators, and rebels of the blockchain space live-streamed on social and later repurposed into an audio podcast.

With time the creative side of my personality woke up and started rebelling against me for ignoring the most creative side of the blockchain space - the NFT world.

That was the trigger for me and I spent a lot of time on Twitter Spaces talking to the NFT community and falling down the rabbit hole right into the Metaverse.

I resonated with the NFT community a lot and my creative self was finally happy.

A week after the above-mentioned fall I decided to niche down the Crypto Talks and rebrand it into NFT Rebels.

What to expect

This will be a blog/newsletter/podcast where I will be sharing my observations about NFT projects, crypto artists, NFT online communities, and speak to many rebels from the space.

Real talk, real-life and raw emotions.

Eventually, this will turn into a resource where the tech, the creativity, the education, and the unpredictable meet in one place.

If that sounds like a journey that you’d like to follow, go ahead and subscribe!

To find out more about me, visit my website, and if you’d like to subscribe to the audio podcast head over here.